Live rehearsal at St James's URC 17-05-21

I am very happy to report that today I had the pleasure to attend the first in-person Bach Choir rehearsal that we have been able to run since March last year, and it was fantastic to see people again in real life (even though the weather was less than ideal)!

Due to the need to ensure enough space for everyone to safely distance during the practice, for the next few weeks we have a rotation of choir members attending the in-person rehearsals, with everyone else still able to take part remotely as we have been doing for the last year.

Of course, the rehearsal itself was quite different to the last one that we had pre-COVID, such as needing to wear a mask throughout, singing much quieter than normal, and having to ensure that we kept our distance from each other, although I certainly felt very safe and looked after, which was great.

In terms of singing, after a warmup to get us used to the experience of masked singing, we ran though a broad selection of the pieces that we have been rehearsing remotely over the last few weeks, and it was very satisfying to hear that the work everyone has been putting in at home has really paid off when rehearsing together.

All in all, it was lovely to be back singing in person again, and I am really looking forward to my next in-person practice in a few weeks’ time!

Peter Slater

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