We began this week’s rehearsal with a recap through this week’s recording homework, which is Dering’s “Quem Vidistis, Pastores”, and the warning note that I added to my copy before Christmas about the speed of the piece reminded me to anticipate this when we launched into it with the recording. We then looked in a bit more detail at the piece, making sure to give it a good amount of bounce, which helped with keeping up the structure of the work together when we ran it though again up to speed.

For the main rehearsal, we looked again at Bach’s “Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden”, and began at bar 58, where the piece quiets down considerably from the opening section with the nicely flowing ‘wal-tet’ runs. After this, we jumped to the ‘Alleluja’ section, with Eric quite correctly guessing that some of the basses (including me!) have been having a bit of a problem with bars 130-133, so we went over this a few times, which definitely helped my understanding of the work.

After this, we went on to the two Mendelssohn pieces, starting with the “Kyrie” and then moving on the “Heilig”. Once again, phrasing in these pieces is key, but I think that revisiting these pieces each week has really helped me to learn this (as best I can when rehearsing remotely anyway!).

We ended the rehearsal with another sneak preview of our recording of “Resonet in Laudibus”, which again sounded fantastic, and I am really looking forward to hearing all these works being broadcast together in the near future.

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