We normally have three or four concerts each season: in November, a Christmas concert in December, March/April and June.

In November 2019 the concert was in Sage One when the choir joined forces with The Waynflete Singers and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Symphony Orchestra to perform Elgar’s The Kingdom in Sage One.

Our Christmas concert was held in Jesmond United Reformed Church at 7.30pm on Thursday 13 December with a concert of Bach Cantatas in March 2019 and a summer concert, including Bruckner’s Requiem, at All Saint’s Church, Gosforth.

If you are unable to attend a pre-concert rehearsal please let the concert manager know so that a space can be saved for you.

Concert Dress

This will be advised and confirmed before each concert, but normally:

  • Ladies: long black dress, or black top with long black skirt or trousers, black tights, black shoes. Dress or top should preferably have long sleeves, but at least elbow-length.
  • Men: black open-necked shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes.
  • Black folders must be used to hold music during performances. A plain black paper cover is acceptable (no glossy paper or shiny plastic).
  • In every case please ensure that black is not charcoal grey.
  • Please do not bring water into the concert – fine at the rehearsal.
  • No scent/perfume etc.

Ticket Sales

Tickets sales are our main source of income, and it is important that members sell as many tickets as they can. These are available from the line reps and from the Tickets page of this site (except for performances in Sage Gateshead when Sage will deal with all ticket sales).