NBC final rehearsal 21-06-2021

Instead of rehearsing in tonight’s final practice of term, we laid on a very small scale outdoor concert to perform a range of the pieces that we have spent the last few months rehearsing both remotely at home and in person outside (of course, apart from the one day when we were allowed to rehearse indoors before the new guidance was published).

Once again, we were in the lovely garden at St James’ and St Basil’s Church in Fenham, and we even had some sunshine on the longest day of the year! Admittedly it was also fairly windy, so there were a few occasions when the audience helped to retrieve a few of Eric’s music scores, although this all added to the enjoyment, as it was fantastic to be able to actually perform together again in front of an actual audience of friends and family.

Overall, whilst the past 15 months have been far from ideal, it was great to see so many of my choir friends having a great time together, both in the concert and in the small social event afterwards, and hopefully all being well, we should be back to full indoor rehearsals in September for the run up to us performing Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in November!

Peter Slater

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