Planning Group

The Bach Choir Planning Group is responsible for the running of the choir and is comprised of the Committee, who are all Trustees, Co-opted members

and Line Representatives. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Planning Group, or raise any issues with it, please speak

to one of your line representatives.


The Committee

Tessa Sayers (Chair & Trustee), Gill Clancy (Treasurer &  Trustee), Susan Coulson (Secretary & Trustee), Alice Bosomworth (Librarian & Trustee),

Douglas Coughtrie (Concert Manager & Trustee), Peter Slater (Bass line representative & Trustee), Douglas Rennie (Trustee), Trevor Page (Trustee).

Co-opted members

Eric Cross (Music Director)

Line representatives

Soprano  Sue Fraser and Olivia Cameron

Alto  Maria Goulding and Kathryn Barnett

Tenor  Paul Hardy and Nick Brown

Bass  Nick Polunin and Peter Slater

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Newcastle upon Tyne Bach Choir

is a registered charity.

Charity Number: 507520

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