Bach Choir – arrangements for “Elijah” at The Sage, Sunday 3rd June 2018

Key points:

08:45 Barbour Room open for Choir

(Car park and vouchers available from 09:00 in Barbour Room)

09:30 Choir lined-up in Barbour Room ready to move to Hall 1 for rehearsal

14:35 Choir lined-up in Barbour Room ready to move to Hall 1 for concert

Black music folder

Black concert dress

Choir rehearsal:  10:00-13:15 (approx.)

Concert Start:      15:00

                               20 min interval after part 1

Est. finish:            17:40

Please note: there will not be much time between rehearsal and line-up for performance.

CONCERT DRESS: BLACK - please ensure black is not charcoal grey. Plain black throughout, please; no glitter/sparkles etc.

Ladies long black dress, or black top with long black skirt or trousers, black tights, black shoes. Dress or top should be plain, and preferably have long sleeves, but at least elbow-length.

Gents – black open-necked shirt, black trousers, black socks and shoes. No jackets or jumpers, please.

Black folders for music.  Plain black paper is acceptable (no glossy paper or shiny plastic).

Please do not bring water into the concert – fine at the rehearsal.

No scent/perfume etc.

Please allow plenty of time for travel and parking.

Should you be unable to attend the rehearsal or know you are going to be late, it is your responsibility to ensure somebody keeps a place for you.

The Barbour Room will be open for use from 08:45. It will be locked during rehearsal and concert, but open at all other times. Please leave all bags etc. in the Barbour Room during the concert; you should only bring your music into the concert hall.

If you think you may have difficulty getting to the risers in the concert hall, please see me beforehand and we can make appropriate arrangements.

Vouchers for café:  these entitle you to a 10% discount at the café and bars. They will be available from 09:00 onwards in the Barbour Room.

Car Park passes (for The Sage car park only) will be available from the Barbour Room from 09:00. These allow a fixed £4 rate regardless of how long you stay. If you wish to use The Sage car park, you must take a ticket on arrival at the barrier as usual but use the £4 fixed-price ticket at the pay-machine on exit. Please note, you can only use this pass once.

Post-Concert reception:  Barbour Room

Please do not use mobile phones during rehearsal. You may feel you are being discreet, but they can be a distraction for others. Your co-operation is appreciated. Mobiles should be in silent mode and should ideally be left in the Barbour Room during the concert.

Please try to avoid rustling pages. Page-turning can be louder than you might think and (in conjunction with others) can make considerable noise. Please also try to avoid flicking ahead and back during solo passages to see what’s coming next.

There will be one 20 minute interval after Part I (just under an hour in). Please be back at the doors to the risers (not the Barbour Room) after 15 minutes.

Please ensure you return hired copies after the concert. It would be helpful if line-reps could assist the Librarian at the end of the concert with music collection.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Douglas Coughtrie

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