Newcastle upon Tyne Bach Choir

Visit of Musikverein Gelsenkirchen 31 May-4 June 2018.

3rd Draft Programme (updated 19 May 2018

Thursday 31 May.

Arrive at Newcastle Airport at1200.

Bach Choir – A small welcoming committee will be needed to escort the choir, via Metro to Northumberland Road URC Church Hall  where a informal lunch will be available. From this location hosts will take their guests home and the “escort party” will take the hotel parties to their hotel – 1 New Bridge Hotel (,Former Premier Inn by Laing Gallery )and 2. Metro Hotel, High Bridge

Task 1 About six people required to escort the choir from the Airport and if possible, stay for lunch and escort the choir to their hotels

Time  required 1130 Airport -1500 approx)

Tessa, JS, Kate Ashley, Simon Pallet,, Rosemarie D’Sousa, Dougles Rennie

Lunch – Northumberland Road URC at 1300.

Task 2  A small number of people required to set up Church Hall and liaise with caterers

Time required – 1130-1500

Attendees – 38 MV, Christine Breslin, June Davison, Sue Fraser, Margaret and Helen, Tessa Sayers  - Hosts, Bill Clegg, Andrew and Shirley Thomas, Margaret Lawson, , Maria Goulding ,Kate Ashley, Nick Polunin (52) (Simon Pallett, Rosemarie D’Sousa, Douglas Rennie, JS)

(Tony Samsom to collect at 1500)

Afternoon to accommodation

Task 3  Small number (3 per hotel?) to collect choir members and bring them to King’s Hall and escort them back after the rehearsal. (This could be two separate groups of people)

Time required  - 1730 -1800 and 2030-2100

Anja , Ragnar, Susan Coulson, Douglas Rennie, Peter Slater

First Rehearsal 1830 Kings Hall – Please Try and be there for 1745 onwards in the Recital Room for “nibbles” so that we can get to know one another and arrange seating.

Task 4  Rehearsal King’s Hall , The Bach Choir will be required to reconfigure the layout from exam conditions and return to original condition at the end of both rehearsals We need a team that would be prepared to carefully create a rehearsal space and return to exam conditions.

Time Required 1730-1830 and 2030-2130

Kate Hazelwood, Simon Pallet, Ann Arkley, Anja and Ragnar,, Susan Coulson, Michael Wetherall, Peter Slater, Douglas Rennie

Friday 1 June

The day will be set aside for local sightseeing and we may need volunteers to show our guests the wonders of Newcastle Gateshead and maybe the Coast.

 Task 5  Please indicate if you would like to take small numbers around the city from  1000 -1130..

Simon Pallett, Anja and Ragnar, Margaret Barker, Nick Polunin, Michael Wetherall, Bill Clegg, Nick Polunin

1630. Welcome in Council Chamber by Newcastle Council

Task 6 Small number to welcome the choir to the Council Chamber and take them to the actual room and then take them to King’s Hall

Time required 1615-1730

Lindsay and Eric, Tessa, Susan Coulson, JS, Anja and Ragnar

Second Rehearsal 1830 Kings Hall

Task 7  As task 4 on 31 May

As 4 above

Saturday 2 June

Social Day.

The Choir have decided to tour as a choir and will go to Tynemouth in the morning and Durham in the afternoon

Task 8 It would be nice to have about 6 “guides” if we can.

Time required 1000 (approx)- 1900 The intention is that the choir goes straight to the Novos for the Social. They are hoping to attend Evensong

at Durham Cathedral

Simon Pallet, Anja and Ragnar,Mike Oswald, Douglas Rennie, Bill Clegg, David and Emma Glover

(Nick Polunin and Fiona Ramsaay –Tynemouth only)

Social at Novos at 1900

All Bach Choir members and their immediate family are invited.

Sara Foster and Rachel Rider have kindly volunteered to co-ordinate the catering for this event which we have committed the choir to produce.

Please bring any garden chairs you may have and portable tables.

Task 9  We will need to provide lifts to the hotels for 28 people

Time Required 2130- 2230 approx

Rosemarie D’Sousa, Ragnar,Susan coulson, Douglas Rennie, Peter Slater, Tessa Sayers


Sunday 3 June  The Sage Gateshead

Task 10 Pick up german choir members from their hotels.

Time Required 0900 -0930

Rosemarie D’Sousa, Ragnar, Douglas Rennie, Peter Slater, JS, Susan Coulson

Orchestra Rehearsal 1000 -1300

Lunch 1300-1500 There will be no refreshments laid on by the choir. All participants including the German choir will be expected to use the Sage catering or provide their own.

( Because of the “rush” 140 people will create at the end of the rehearsal we are going to provide tea and coffee in the Barbour Room at lunchtime.. We are also hoping to provide a menu prior to the Sunday from which you will be able to select your choice and place the completed form at the beginning of the Sunday Rehearsal. Your order would then await you in the Barbour Room at lunchtime together with bill and we will provide an “honesty box “ for you to pay)

Performance of Elijah Hall One 1500-1730

Post Performance Buffet – The Barbour Room

A hot buffet will be provided in the Barbour Room for all choir members and their immediate family together with the German choir and members of the orchestra and soloists. We have secured funding which enables this event to be free to all particpants.

Task 11 Lifts to hotels

Time required 2100-2130 approx – may be slightly later.

Anja and Ragnar, Susan Coulson, Peter Slater, Douglas Rennie,

Monday 4 June

Task 12 Small number to “collect” hotel guests and escort them to the Airport vis Metro

Time required 00830 -1100

Anja and Ragnar, Susan coulson, Rosemarie D’Sousa

I am assuming that the hosts will get their guests to the Airport. If this is a problem please let John Smith know.

Flight for Dusseldorf departs 11125.

I guess that means arriving at the Airport by 0925 at the latest.

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