Newcastle Bach Choir – Choir arrangements for The Sage

Sunday 24 November 2019

08:50    Sage building opens

09:15     meet in the Barbour Room

09:30    leave the Barbour Room for the concert hall

10:00    rehearsal starts

13:15     estimated rehearsal finish

14:35     line up in the Barbour Room for warm-up

14:45     leave Barbour Room for concert hall

15:00    Concert Starts

17:05     estimated concert finish

17:30 – 19:00 post-concert reception in Barbour Room

18:00    cloakroom closes

Dress: concert black (as per the website) – no jumpers or jackets, please.

Black folder for music.

Start of concert: line up in the Barbour Room

After the interval: line up backstage at the doors behind the risers

To access the Sage Building from 08:50, please use the public East or West Doors onto the main concourse (not the stage door at the back).


The Barbour Room will not be locked during the rehearsal or performance. You are therefore asked to leave your coats in the cloakroom downstairs near the Welcome Desk at the West Door, thus freeing the Barbour Room of clutter.

The cloakroom will be open from 8:50 till 10:00 and again from 13:00 onwards. It will close at 18:00, so please collect your coats etc. straight after the performance and take them up to the Barbour Room for the post-concert reception (there will be coat-rails there).


The Barbour Room will be opened at the interval for those wishing to get water, use the toilets etc. I suggest, therefore, that you leave your water bottles in the Barbour Room … and there should be the chilled-water dispenser. You may bring water into the rehearsal but not the performance.


We will have the use of the small Artists’ Dining Room, near the Barbour Room, as a locked room for valuables. I will arrange for this to be open before the concert (time to be confirmed) so that people can leave smaller items and valuables that they would not wish to leave in the Barbour Room (ie. handbags, purses, wallets, phones, briefcases etc., not coats). Once this is locked, it will not be opened again until after the concert (ie. not at the interval). Valuables may also be left in the cloakroom downstairs, which will be attended when open ... and will be open during the interval.

It would be appreciated if you could avoid, if possible, taking anything other than your music into the hall for the concert.


Please note that all items, wherever they may be placed, are at your own risk.

Car Parking

The usual £4 standard all-day parking tickets will be available for The Sage car park (ie. the one on the roof, not the pay-and-display at the East side of the building). Take a ticket at the barrier as normal but exchange it in the Barbour Room for the all-day one. You can only use this once; you can’t leave and return and use it again, so if you intend leaving at lunchtime, you will have to use your standard ticket for one of your sessions.

Cafe Discount

The usual 10% discount tickets for use in the cafe and bars will be available in the Barbour Room.

Mobile Phones

Please make sure these are in silent mode or switched off for both rehearsal and concert.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would not use your phone during the rehearsal.

Hopefully these arrangements will make things easy and hassle-free for all.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Douglas Coughtrie

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