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The Planning Group is responsible for organising the choir and planning concerts and other activities. Each voice line has 2 representatives on the Planning Group.

Planning Group

The choir performs three of four concerts each year. Click below for information about upcoming concerts, concert dress, reahearsal information and ticket sales.


Please click below for information about rehearsals, attendance, music and music hire, choir etiquette, and information from the treasurer, including subscriptions & payments.


From time to time any useful downloads, such as newsletters or photographs, will be posted here.

Some key dates for this and next season

Rehearsals for Handel’s Messiah began on Monday 8 January. The concert is on Saturday 24 February.

Arrangements for the Handel concert day

Notes from Eric for Messiah Concert

Rehearsals for Elijah will take place on  March 5,12 & 19 and continue from April 16.

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