Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings, 6.30-8.30pm, generally in the King's Hall, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University. When the King’s Hall is unavailable we will rehearse in another part of the University and this will be arranged in good time and advertised on this site and usually by email.

Please arrive in good time to begin rehearsing at 6.30pm although it is accepted that sometimes some people may have difficulty arriving early because of work or family commitments. We have choir members of varying heights so, if possible, please choose your seat at rehearsal so as not to block the vision of those behind you. Talking during rehearsals is disruptive when other members are trying to listen to instructions. Please use the rehearsal break to catch up with friends and please switch off mobile phones before the rehearsal begins. Remember to bring your pencil and write down performance notes on the music.

Regular attendance is essential and registers are kept at each rehearsal. It is your responsibility to ensure that you tick the register every week and indicate in the appropriate column whether or not you intend to sing in the concert. You may attend rehearsals even when not singing in the concert except for the final two weeks. If more than three rehearsals are missed you will need to get permission from Eric (by email) to participate in the concert. When accepted into the Bach Choir it is on the understanding that you intend to participate in the three concerts in autumn, spring and summer terms. If you do not wish to sing in a particular term please send an email to Eric copied to Susan Coulson.

New and returning members

People returning to the choir after a period of prolonged absence may, at Eric’s discretion, be asked to re-audition.

The names of new choir members are added to the registers once auditions and documentation have been completed.


Scores for each concert are ordered by the Librarian and you may be given a form asking whether or not you require a copy of each piece of music, and if so, whether you wish to buy or hire a copy. This will usually be done well in advance of the start of rehearsals. This might be done by e-mail so please keep an eye out for it.

It is very important that members return any hired music immediately after the concert. Members losing or failing to return any hired music scores are expected to pay for the cost incurred for replacing it.


Subscriptions are paid annually and for the 2019/20 season will be - £100 for the season with a concessionary rate of £80 for those of state retirement-pension age (but such members are invited to pay more than this, up to a maximum of the full subscription, according to what they feel they can afford). The subscription for student members is £10. The treasurer will be happy to speak, in confidence, with anyone who has difficulty with the subscription fee.

Gill Clancy, our treasurer, would like as many singers as possible to pay their subscription directly via BACS.  The details you will need are:

Co-operative Bank; Sort code 08 92 99; Account 65049941. In the Reference please put your Surname, Initial and the word Subs. (You may need to use the “pay bills” option of your account in order to enter a Reference). If you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque then please do so from week two onwards at the rehearsal.

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